Narcos: Who is Valeria in Narcos? Is Pablo Escobar's lover real? (2024)

Narcos: Mexico trailer for series two of the Netflix crime drama

Narcos is a drama series on Netflix which was made up of three series, before the spin-off series Narcos: Mexico was created. The series follows the true story of drug trafficking across Colombia and follows the movements of the famous drug lord, Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura). Fans of the show also meet Valeria Velez (Stephanie Sigman), who was Escobar's lover between 1983 and 1987, and here is everything you need to know about her character.


    In the original Narcos series, Velez is one of the main characters in the first season and a recurring character by the second.

    She is a Colombian journalist who ended up having a romantic relationship with Pablo Escobar, who was the leader of the Medellin Cartel.

    The first season is set in the 1980s and Escobar was leader of the cartel between 1981 and 1991, with Velez working as a news anchor around the same time.

    She ended up interviewing him when he first started out as the cartel leader and ended up forming a romantic relationship with him.

    The journalist is first seen in the episode titled The Men of Always, and is last seen in Exit El Patrón. She features in a total of 11 episodes across the series.

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    Narcos: Who is Valeria in Narcos? Is Pablo Escobar's lover real? (1)

    Narcos: Valeria Velez was a Colombian journalist (Image: Netflix)

    Narcos: Who is Valeria in Narcos? Is Pablo Escobar's lover real? (2)

    Narcos: Velez loved Escobar (Image: Netflix)


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    She and Escobar had a strange relationship, as Escobar cheated on her but still defended her and showed respect for her when others did not.

    A few years after Escobar became the leader of the cartel, he decided he wanted to get into politics and Velez introduced him to politician Fernando Duque (Bruno Bichir).

    Duque, who was a lawyer, ended up defending Escobar and they developed a strong relationship.

    Velez called off her relationship with Escobar when he admitted to drug trafficking charges in 1991, as she did not want to lose her credibility as one of the most popular journalists of that time.

    Escobar did not want the relationship to end, but he let her go free.

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    Narcos: Who is Valeria in Narcos? Is Pablo Escobar's lover real? (4)

    Narcos: Velez helped make Escobar famous (Image: Netflix)

    Narcos: Who is Valeria in Narcos? Is Pablo Escobar's lover real? (5)

    Narcos: Valeria Velez on a news report (Image: Netflix)

    Two years later she was contacted by Escobar's wife, Maria Henao, whose name is Tata Escobar (Paulina Gaitán) in the series.

    She wanted Velez to set up contact between her and Escobar, and she brought along a radio so they could make contact.

    After she left she was killed by Los Pepes, a vigilante group, and her body was later found in the news van she and her crew had been using.

    Her character is based on the real-life Virginia Vallejo, a Colombian journalist who was in a relationship with Escobar.

    She later wrote a book about her relationship with him called Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar. The book was written in Spanish and was later published in the UK and America.

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    The book, which retells the story of their five-year relationship, is split into three parts - The Days of Innocence and Dreams; The Days of Splendor and Terror; and The Days of Absence and Silence.

    The real journalist is still alive today and she is believed to be 70-years-old, and in 2019 she started working for RT en Español - Spanish TV channel.

    In 1980 and 1982, she worked at Caracol Radio and she was the only journalist sent by a Colombian media outlet to cover the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in London.

    In 2006, she arrived in the United States and requested political asylum, fearing she would be killed if she returned to Colombia due to connections with the cartels.

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    The real-life journalist has been portrayed in a number of TV shows including El Capo in 2009, Escobar The Drug Lord in 2012 and finally Narcos in 2015.

    She was also portrayed in a film called Loving Pablo, with Spanish actress Penélope Cruz playing the role of Vallejo.

    When she met Escobar she directed the program ¡Al Ataque! and she was the first TV journalist to interview him in January 1983.

    During the interview Escobar described the charity project Medellín Sin Tugurios (Medellin without slums) launched by himself and his partners.

    Narcos is available to watch on Netflix now

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