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Since LOCKED is based on the Blue Lock anime, in this experience, soccer is more like a war than a sport. This is not surprising, since each player can have unique abilities. But, of course, not all of them are equally useful during matches.

While Weapons are your main abilities, Traits are something of a secondary weapon. They can also be passive or active. Only by having the right abilities can you become the best striker in this curated Roblox experience.



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LOCKED Weapons Tier List

Weapon & Traits Tier List In Roblox: LOCKED (2)

As in the original anime, Weapons play a crucial role in LOCKED. All of them can be divided into three types according to their use: Active, Passive, and Situational (the latter type requiring special conditions for activation). However, they are all obtained in the Customization room by rolling for Yen. To make it easier for you to choose the best weapons in LOCKED, the table below ranks them based on how useful and effective they are.

PlanetaryUniqueS Tier
CopyCatExoticS Tier
GodspeedUniqueS Tier
Watch TowerExoticS Tier
SerpentUniqueS Tier
KingUniqueS Tier
FormlessUniqueA Tier
MonsterLegendaryA Tier
EmperorUniqueA Tier
LeaderCommonA Tier
NagiLegendaryA Tier
SpeedsterLegendaryA Tier
KunigamiExoticA Tier
Direct ShotCommonB Tier
WebRareB Tier
Sword ScrewLegendaryB Tier
Iron HeadCommonB Tier
SnatchRareB TIer
VoraciousExoticB TIer
RiptideLegendaryB TIer
NeuroticRareC Tier
ShadowExoticC Tier
AcrobaticLegendaryC Tier
RepelRareC Tier
Long LegsCommonC Tier

As you can see, all Weapons are divided by rarity. The rarer the ability, the lower its drop rate. In the case of Unique Weapons, you will need a lot of Yen and luck:

  • Unique - 1%
  • Legendary - 5%
  • Exotic - 10%
  • Rare - 30%
  • Common - 55%

Best LOCKED Weapons

While different Weapons may be suitable for each player, some are particularly effective.

  • CopyCat: This ability allows you to copy the Weapon of one of the players on the enemy team for one turn, except Uniques. Of course, it will take some getting used to, but it is an excellent way to ruin your enemies' strategy.
  • Godspeed: This weapon allows you to rush forward quickly and snatch the ball, even in the air. It is a fairly simple ability, but it can be used in any possible field scenarios.
  • Planetary: Unlike the previous ones, Planetary requires you to play LOCKED as a team. By activating it, after a player on your team kicks the ball, you will teleport to the ball and kick it back to them.


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LOCKED Traits Tier List

Weapon & Traits Tier List In Roblox: LOCKED (4)

As for Traits, they are secondary abilities that are no less important in LOCKED. Most of them provide passive buffs, but some can be active. In addition, they are divided into rarities, just like Weapons.

Predator EyeUniqueS Tier
AthleteExoticS Tier
PuppeteerUniqueS Tier
Golden ZoneLegendaryA Tier
FortuneExoticA Tier
BunnysExoticA Tier
TirelessExoticA Tier
Long StridesRareA Tier
No LookExoticA Tier
EgoistLegendaryA Tier
Meta-VisionLegendaryA Tier
SurfRareB Tier
Quick DrawExoticB Tier
TankRareB Tier
ClawExoticB Tier
DiverExoticB Tier
AmbidextrousLegendaryB Tier
UnbreakableExoticB Tier
RipperExoticB Tier
PowerhouseRareC Tier
ConsistentExoticC Tier
HeavyRareC Tier
ClampsRareC Tier
DwarfCommonD Tier
TiredCommonD Tier
LazyCommonD Tier
WeakCommonD Tier

Best LOCKED Traits

Of course, players should try different Traits in LOCKED to find the ones that best suit their builds. However, some of them have great variability and effectiveness in matches. Here are a few of the most beneficial Traits:

  • Predator Eye: This active ability allows you to shoot a ball in a straight line with great speed.
  • Athlete: With this Trait, you passively receive a jump, speed, and power shot boost. In other words, your character becomes much more potent than most other players.
  • Puppeteer:During a match, you can give an extra flow to your five closest teammates. This ability works even if those players do not have enough ego.
Weapon & Traits Tier List In Roblox: LOCKED (5)
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Weapon & Traits Tier List In Roblox: LOCKED (2024)
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