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  aronol powerize
Performance Diesel Fuel Additive
Aronol Powerize delivers superior rating in Cummins L - 10 and N - 14 tests for injector cleanliness and corrosion prevention. In a fleet test, the detergent package in Aronol Powerize kept injectors clean for 290,000 miles with no increase in engine emissions. Delivered nearly a 5% increase in fuel economy in a 386,000 mile fleet test. Returns up to 5 times treatment cost in fuel savings! Aronol Powerize also stabilizes fuel, improves fuel lubricity and sanitizes tanks.
The advanced chemistry of Aronol is designed to improve performance, reduce maintenance and save money in heavy duty equipment year-round. Aronol products have shown to be effective in extensive laboratory research as well as fleet maintenance enhancement for over 35 years.
Untreated =irregular fuel metering erratic fuel pressureLower power and MPG
  Aronol Treated =Precise fuel meteringConsistent fuel spray pattern Increase in power and MPG  
Part Number
32 oz. bottle
500 gallons
1 gallon bottle 2,000 gallons CZ-ARO-PIG
5 gallon pail 20,000 gallons CZ-ARO-PI5*
55 gallon drum 220,000 gallons CZ-ARO-PI55*
*New bulk formula treatment provides 1 to 4000 dosage