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  k-1 plus
Kerosene Stabilizer Conditioner
k-1 plus stabilizer conditioner is specifically designed to reduce and prevent service calls associated with kerosene contamination by water condensation, long term storage, destabilization and degradation. It incorporates a mixture of detergent surfactants to dissolve and clean gum, varnish and soluble sludge matrix as well as disperse typical amounts of condensation that occur over time and temperature changes. k-1 plus utilizes an amino amine fuel stabilizer to guard against the oxidation and destabilization of fuels. It contains a metal deactivator to prevent copper catalytic reaction that can contribute to sludge formations. It also disperses sludge through the use of an interfacial active ingredient that chemically agitates and disperses sludge into very fine particles.
After a cool night the sun warms the black tank. This temperature swing causes moisture inside the tank to condense and form water. This water accumulates at the bottom of the tank causing corrosion of the tank and destabilization of the fuel. Sludge can plug filters year-round. Water can freeze fuel lines in winter. A plugged filter means no heat.
Part Number
  1 pint 250 gallons
1 gallon
2,000 gallons
5 gallons 10,000 gallons CZ-KP-5
55 gallons 110,000 gallons CZ-KP-55
K-1 is available in cases of 24 pints, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.