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  arotec 275
Advanced Heating Oil Technology
Arotec-275 is designed specifically to combat winter problems associated with outdoor fuel storage tanks. It utilizes the latest in polymer technology
to provide the smallest, most filterable paraffin wax crystal in the industry, and
keeps fuel flowing. Arotec-275 contains a de-icer to keep water from freezing. It also contains a corrosion inhibitor to provide complete protection of ferrous metal surfaces against rust formation, and enhances lubricity.
After a cool night the sun warms the black tank. This temperature swing causes moisture inside the tank to condense and form water. This water accumulates at the bottom of the tank. This causes corrosion and contributes to degradation of the fuel. Below 32 degrees the water will freeze in the fuel lines and filters, stopping fuel flow.
Part Number
1 quart
275 gallons
1 gallon 1100 gallons CZ-AR275
5 gallon pail 5500 gallons CZ-AR275-5
55 gallon drum 60,500 gallons CZ-AR275-55