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  aroTEC 300
Premium Heating
Oil Detergent

arotec 300 is a fuel oil conditioner specifically designed to significantly reduce and prevent service calls associated with fuel contamination, instability and degradation. Arotec 300 contains an interfacial active ingredient to agitate and disperse sludge and bio-matting formations. Arotec 300 contains powerful detergents designed to dissolve and clean gum, varnish and soluble sludge matrix as well as disperse typical amounts of moisture found in fuel oil. Arotec 300 utilizes an amino amine fuel stabilizer antioxidant to guard against oxidation destabilization and degradation of distillates over long or high temperature storage situations. Arotec 300 combustion catalyst is designed to reduce soot deposits by lowering the temperature at which carbon will burn resulting in more complete combustion. Arotec 300 incorporates a metal deactivator to prevent copper catalytic reactions. Arotec 300 also provides a bio stat to prevent bacterial activity. Note: Use Micronol to address severe biological activity.

Initial Treat Rate: 1 Pint to 250 Gallons of fuel.

Typical Treat Rate: 1 to 3000 Gallons


Part Number
Cases of pints
1 Pint Treats 250 Gallons
5 gallon pail
1 gallon to 1000 gallons
55 gallon drum
1 gallon to 1000 gallons