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  arctic aronol
The Proven Performer
Arctic Aronol w/ Powerize incorporates the most recent developments in wax
crystal modifications and is formulated with L - 10 detergency, water controlling, lubricity enhancing and fuel stabilizing compounds.

Arctic Aronol w/ Powerize
delivers complete winter protection and returns many times the treatment cost in fuel savings. When applied as an all season additive, Arctic Aronol w/ Powerize, eliminates problems caused by varying fuel quality. Arctic Aronol w/ Powerize is the only additive you will ever need!
Enlarged simulation of crystals found in diesel fuel demonstrates the difference between treated and un-treated fuel. Milky substance on left shows how wax crystals join together forming an unfiltered mass which clogs fuel filters. Crystals on right show wax in Aronol treated fuels flowing freely without adhering.
The difference between running and not running untreated or poorly treated fuel, causes wax crystals to plug fuel filters and stop the flow of diesel fuel. Fuel treated with Aronol keeps wax crystals smaller than 10 microns assisting un-interrupted flow, which keeps rigs running.
Part Number
32 oz. bottle
250 gallons
1 gallon bottle 1,000 gallons CZ-ARO-FIPIG
5 gallon pail 7,500 gallons CZ-ARO-FIPI5*
55 gallon drum 82,500 gallons CZ-ARO-FIPI55*
*New bulk formula treatment provides 1 to 1500 dosage