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Carter Chemicals and Services Inc.
was founded in 1971 by Bradford and Glenna Carter. The company is still family owned and operated today.

Bradford Carter had an extensive background in the marine and boiler operating industries. Combining his experience with chemists of similar backgrounds, Mr. Carter developed products designed to improve the performance and reduce the maintenance of boilers utilizing heavy (#4-#6) fuels. Problem solving, prompt product delivery and personal service became the hallmarks of Carter Chemicals.

Continual declines in petroleum quality and availability presented an opportunity to develop additives to improve the properties of diesel and home heating oils. The first area of development related to cold weather diesel operation. The waxing and gelling of diesel fuel caused severe operating problems in northern climates. To reduce the gelling temperature, fuels were generally blended with kerosene, resulting in losses of power, lubricity and fuel economy. We developed and introduced the original Aronol Flow Improver(FI) in 1971-72 to fight winter problems.

In the ensuing years, Aronol became the trademark for a family of the highest quality diesel fuel additives available-Aronol Diesel Fuel Additives. With a combination of unsurpassed performance and low treatment rates, these products provide the most cost effective means to improve performance and reduce maintenance year round.

We, at Carter Chemicals, have grown into a leading supplier of diesel fuel and heating oil additives and a regional supplier of chemical solvents. A recent acquisition has allowed us to develop a Paint and Coating Division to serve current and future customer needs.

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